I'm a student in the Applied Mathematics depatment at the University of Washington. My research is in "computational complex algebraic geometry". I do a mixture of symbolic and numerical computation.

  • Special functions.
  • Algebraic curves. (Bi-variate polynomial.)
  • Algebra and geometry.

\[ f(x,y) = y^3 + 2x^3y - x^7 \]

$f(x,y) = 0$ plotted in the real plane.

Cartoon of complex topology of $f(x,y) = 0$. (You need 4-dimensional eyes to actually visualize it.)

Abelian functions: higher dimensional versions of complex periodic functions.

  • Defined on algebraic curves.
  • All Abelian functions are built from Riemann theta functions.
  • Periodic solutions to integrable partial differential equations are dense in space of Abelian functions.
  • Applications in optimization and algebraic geometry as well.

I have some background in high performance computing.

  • Special functions: Riemann theta function.
  • Computational number theory.
  • GPU / CUDA.

I'm working on a project with Daniel Shapero on a FORTRAN-to-C wrapper called f2c. (Similar idea to Cython for C-to-Python.) However, I'm happy to help with anything!