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Announcement - Looking for New Abelfunctions Owners

Sep 12, 2016

As much as I would like to keep hacking on Abelfunctions I doubt that I will have time to do so once I have a “real job”. Too many student projects evaporate into the ether. Therefore, I am hoping someone will take the mantle of this project and guide it to a better state.

Please contact me if you are interested.

Though not required, since I assume you’re a bright mathematician, but experience in the following would help in developing for Abelfunctions: (in order of importance)

Of course, an appropriate mathematical background is needed. This project performs calculations that use the following:


If you are interested in taking on this project I would be happy to meet with you via Facetime, Google Hangouts, Skype, or whatever your preferred video chat + screensharing method. I tried to document my code well but as some Ph.D. research projects the rush of arriving at certain checkpoints causes documentation and clarity take a hit while searching for correctness.

Additionally, it’s not like I will cease to exist. I will be around to offer the occasional guidance and opinion.